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Great press coverage.
The Boston Globe covered us on Wednesday, Feb. 6th.
The Washington Post briefly mentioned the protests surrounding Kissinger's April 4th visit to campus. The Daily press has written several feature articles, and the Flat Hat continues to run opinion letters and news articles about the struggle on campus. Visit the "Kissinger in the Media" page for national and international coverage. Momentum is building and people are starting to pay attention.

Buttons: "I know Kissinger is a Criminal"
These buttons were made by students to show that we know the truth about Kissinger. To get one, come to an event, ask someone wearing one, or e-mail notmychancellor@yahoo.com

While the students behind this website encourage you to find your own creative ways to protest Kissinger, we would like to share an idea with you:

We have heard of some graduating seniors and recent alumni who have chosen not to donate money to the College until the Chancellor is removed. All they did was fill out a pledge card or respond to mail soliciatations or phone calls with this message: "While I love the College of William and Mary, I refuse to support her financially until Kissinger is no longer Chancellor".

We are not necessarily advocating that you use your (limited) financial clout in this manner, but hey, it sure is an interesting idea.


Want a more active role in the Kissinger campaign next semester? Email for information on how to get involved.