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We, the undersigned members of the William & Mary community, express our disapproval with the appointment of Henry Kissinger as Chancellor of the College.

-This appointment was made with no input from the students, alumni, faculty, and staff of the college, the very people who are represented by the Chancellor.

-Henry Kissinger has been accused of using his positions in the United States government to directly plan and support genocides, war crimes, assassinations, disappearances, and other crimes against humanity in North Vietnam, South Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Bangladesh, Chile, Cyprus, Angola, and East Timor.

-There is a staggering amount of evidence, including recently released documents from the Nixon administration, directly linking Mr. Kissinger with these crimes. He has offered no plausible defense or denial of his responsibility.

-These actions do not reflect the values of William & Mary, a college that holds students to an honor code which forbids lying, cheating, and stealing in both academic and personal life.

-The Board of Visitors appointed Henry Kissinger in an attempt to increase the international visibility of William and Mary. They send the wrong message with the choice of a man who invokes fear, anger, and memories of horrible crimes among peoples throughout the world.

In light of these concerns we ask that Henry Kissinger be removed immediately from the position of College Chancellor. Furthermore, we ask that a new Chancellor be appointed with direct democratic involvement of the students, alumni, faculty, and staff of the College.

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