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The Guestbook is gone again. Too bad.

We tried (twice) to provide a space for discussion and disagreement, but irresponsible people with too much free time abused it.

Anyone who would like to engage in productive dialogue, send us an email.

Apologies to those who really wanted to debate this issue.

(Relatedly, a suspicious number of the flyers we put up around campus have been torn down. The flyers contain the text of the petition and contact information for adding your name. They are not offensive, and make no controversial claims. I am disappointed in the lack of intelligent dialogue surrounding this campaign. If you disagree with our point of view, take the time to tell us about it. Heck-- maybe your ideas will influence our struggle. But to kill discussion is to eliminate any possiblity of finding out the truth about this man.)

To comment on or add your name to the petition send an email to:

For general email and questions or comments about this site: